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Route through the rooms

Trilussa’s Room

Trilussa??s Room

The video installation, dedicated to the life and works of the great Roman poet Trilussa, projects on four separate areas of the walls animated pictures, centred around a stream of images created with objects, photographs, letters, postcards, newspapers, drawings and films. The moving pictures follow four main themes: the public man, the private man, the poet, and friendships.

Along the perimeter of the video installation runs a shelf on which a selection of objects from the poet’s studio are displayed, while pictures are hung on the walls. The intention is to give the vistors an experience evocative of Trilussa’s multifaceted character: the public man and the private, his friendships and the feminine world which always surrounded him; the poet, and the amateur artist.

ST 2095
ST 3654
ST 78
Anonymous, XXth century
ST 47
Isaia Ederli, XXth century, second quarter
ST 513
Musacchio, 1913
ST 111
1920 aproximately
inv. ST 3868
Duilio Cambellotti, 1903-1906
inv. ST 3648

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