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Gallery of Roman Scenes

Ippolito Caffi, I Moccoletti al Corso

Route through the rooms

Gallery of Roman Scenes

The gallery contains six life-size scenes, the Roman Scenes from which it takes its name, and a selection of works showing various aspects of the popular traditions of Rome in the late eighteenth century and the entirety of the nineteenth, filtered through the perspectives of the artists who depicted them. The main themes illustrated are religion, the crafts, popular dress, carnival, fireworks and the saltarello (a popular dance).

Samuel Prout, 1824 aproximately
MR 6176
Anonymous, XIXth century
MR 1891
Adriano Trojani, 1844
MR 792
Françoise Pinelli (a pseudonym of Bartolomeo) (1781-1835), XIXth century, first quarter
MR 6317
Guillaume Frédéric Ronmy (1786-1854), 1824 (?)
MR dep. 162
Ignoto, sec. XVIII-XIX
MR 1240
Arnoldo Corrodi (Roma 1846-1874), 1867
MR 3268

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